The System

Wing Chun Balance, structure and stance Wing Chun kungfu practitioners believe that the person with better body structure will win. A correct Wing Chun stance is like a piece of bamboo, firm but flexible, rooted but yielding. This structure is used to either deflect external forces or redirect them. Balance is related to structure because […]

Wing Chun is Born

The Wing Chun kungfu system of martial arts was developed in southern China approx. 250-300 years ago. During the reign of Emperor K’anghsi of the Ching Dynasty (1662-1722), the Shaolin monastery called Siu Lam of Mt. Sung, in the Honan province, had become very powerful through Kung Fu training. The Manchurian government was afraid of […]

Our Tribute to Ng Mui

Our Tribute to Ng Mui Founder of Wing Chun
This is a tribute from the Master Wong system to Ng Mui the original founder of the Wing Chun system. Although there are many conflicting accounts surrounding the passing down and the lineage of modern day practitioners, we must all agree that the original idea for what […]

Wing Chun History

The Beginning: Wu Mei (Ng Mui) Wing Chun History The Shaolin Buddhist nun Wu Mei (Ng Mui in the Cantonese dialect) was one of the five Shaolin martial arts heroes who survived the Manchu persecution in the 17th century. The daughter of a general in the Imperial Army, she was raised in the palace of the […]